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Why Personal Branding is Important

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Why Personal Branding is Important

I get questions, from time to time, on subjects related to the music business. Recently a musician asked me:

“Why is personal branding so important? As long as I have a fan base, what difference does it make if I brand myself? I’m not even sure what branding is.”

According to Susan Hutson, Vice President of Marketing at, “The more you work on developing your personal brand, the easier it becomes to be convincing in your other marketing efforts.”

What exactly is personal branding? Well, it’s more than just marketing yourself and your music. Personal branding also includes your social media presence. It encompasses the image or impression you want others to associate with you when they think about you and your music.

There are strategic reasons why you should cultivate a personal brand. These reasons include:

  • Developing a personal brand is sometimes a key to landing your next opportunity. Branding makes you stand apart from the crowd.
  • Creating a personal brand allows you to give your fans a consistent message about you, what you believe in, and what they can expect from your music.
  • Investing time and money into your personal brand is investing in yourself, an investment which is always worth the time, effort, and money.
  • Having a personal brand creates an emotional bond with your audience or fan base. Because your fan base gets to know you, they are no longer making decisions about purchasing your music simply based on cost.

By building a personal brand, you will boost your image which, in turn, can create unique opportunities to showcase your creativity. And remember, your personal brand stays with you no matter where you are.

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself?!

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