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How to Get Your Music Heard

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As an aspiring musician, your career depends on a variety of factors including your fans, your branding and the music itself. Many young artists struggle with getting the right people and influencers to not just follow them on Instagram, but actually listen to their music. If you’re struggling to get your music heard, here is what you need to know.

Invest in Your Email List

You might be surprised to learn that email marketing offers the best return on investment when compared to other online marketing methods. If you don’t have an email list, you should work on setting one up. The bigger that your list grows, the more people you can contact to get your music heard. Having a big email list also helps when trying to book gigs, as you can show your email and social media followings as evidence that you’ll be able to draw a crowd.

Use Radio

Radio might seem like a dying industry, but between traditional radio and online radio, there are plenty of ways to get your music heard. Before you send out your music to DJs or radio stations, you should make sure that you have a finished, polished promotional CD or mp3 and not just a demo. The stations you send music to will play the music right from the file that you send, so you need to make sure that it’s the best quality possible.

Work with Music Blogs

Music blogs are another one of your allies when you are trying to get your music heard. Reviewers are always looking for new things to listen to and cover, and getting featured on even one blog can win you a ton of new fans and listeners. When sending an email intro or DM to a music blog, keep it brief and professional. Include a link to the song you would like to be featured, and always let the reviewer know that there is more where that came from if they are interested.

Post on Social Media

Finally, social media is a successful way to get your music heard. The timing and content of your social media posts should change based on the platform, so monitor your channels carefully to see when you get the most traction. Don’t forget to engage with your fans on each social platform while you’re there!

Get Your Music Heard with the Professionals at ECHE Music

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Should I Try to License My Music?

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The decision to license your music is a big one, and you shouldn’t rush into things with the hope of making a quick buck and enjoying a monthly payday from licensing your music. What do you need to know before licensing? How can you turn licensing into a money-maker for you? Continue reading Should I Try to License My Music?

Building A Stronger Fan Base For Your Band

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Growing your fan base is no easy task, especially if you are an introvert or still self-conscious about sharing your music with the world. While being yourself always helps with winning fans, there are many other ways to get your fan count up and start selling out your shows.

Quick Tips for Winning Fans

Many musicians say that you need 1,000 true, dedicated fans to make a music career sustainable. But how do you get to 1,000? Continue reading Building A Stronger Fan Base For Your Band

The Importance of Music Business Education

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Being a successful musician is about more than late nights spent practicing, booking gigs and writing new songs. It’s also about running a business. When you are your own boss and employee, knowledge of music business basics is essential. Continue reading The Importance of Music Business Education

Songwriting Tips & Tricks for the Busy Artist

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When music is your job or your part-time hobby, it can feel more like work than play. Songwriting is one of the most important parts of being an independent music artist. Unfortunately, sometimes your well of inspiration runs dry or you’re too busy to sit down and think about writing a song. If you are a busy artist always on the go, here are some of our best tips and tricks for songwriting when you’re on the move.  Continue reading Songwriting Tips & Tricks for the Busy Artist

The Team Members Every Independent Artist Needs

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The Team Members Every Independent Artist Needs

As an indie artist, you’re used to doing it all. But at some point in your journey, you will find doing it all takes away from your ability to focus on your music. When you realize you don’t have enough time to get everything done, it’s time to start thinking about assembling a team to support and assist you. Continue reading The Team Members Every Independent Artist Needs