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How to Use Facebook Live to Build Your Fan Base

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Facebook Live is one of the newest and most popular tools for budding musicians and anyone looking to connect with fans online. Like any livestreaming service, including Periscope, it offers people anywhere in the world the ability to watch you and comment as they view. Unlike other streaming services, it integrates with the Facebook platform so that your fans and followers can get notifications whenever you go live. Continue reading How to Use Facebook Live to Build Your Fan Base

A new perspective on showcases

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I spoke to an artist this week who was telling me about her experiences with showcases when she first got started. Most of you know my stance on showcases. If not, check out The Showcase Trap.

This artist gave me a new perspective on showcases. She looks at it as exercise for new independent artists. There are some benefits to paying for performances when you first start out: Continue reading A new perspective on showcases

Singles vs Albums: Which should you release?

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There’s no denying that the music business has changed dramatically over the last few years. CD sales have dropped even among A list artists and traditional radio has to struggle for listeners and advertising. The launch of download services like iTunes has created a dent in the CD sales market. Why buy the whole CD if I can just download the songs I want for a lot less? Now even downloads are losing their luster. Streaming is the new buzzword in the music industry. Internet radio and streaming services are popping up everywhere and gives listeners more control over what they hear. So with all of this in mind, should you really record an entire album for release? Should you only release singles? Is there a different strategy to releasing singles vs albums? Let’s take a look at the benefits of releasing a full album versus releasing singles. Continue reading Singles vs Albums: Which should you release?

5 Things to Stop Obsessing Over and Really Connect with Fans

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Musicians and fans are often on a different wavelength. It’s the same in many relationships. You give your lover what you want them to give you. But it doesn’t work if your lover wants something else. Isn’t that the premise behind the love languages? A relationship works when each party gives the other what they want. Let’s take a look at what you may be obsessing over that your fans don’t necessarily care about and some suggestion about how you can really connect with fans.  Continue reading 5 Things to Stop Obsessing Over and Really Connect with Fans

How to Have A Successful Performance

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This is a great interview from the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast. Tom Jackson is a leading live music producer. He’s the person you go to to help you craft a good live performance. He likens his 4 Pillars of a successful performance to what you would need to build a house. Press the play button below to listen to the interview. I took some notes while I was listening. Feel free to comment. I’d love to know your thoughts on these pillars.

Continue reading How to Have A Successful Performance

What is artist development?

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We found this great post by Artistopia about artist development  —  http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/13298/entertainment/why_artist_development_makes_a_difference.html.  The article covers everything we can think of that you need as an artist to move your ministry forward.  Most artists don’t think of half the items on this list for their careers. However, as an independent artist, business management, sales, and advisers are equally as important as musicianship and having the right equipment during your performances. So after reading the post, we wanted to highlight a couple of questions you may have. Continue reading What is artist development?