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How to Improve Your Singing

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As a musician, you are always looking for ways to improve your music and talent. One of the best ways that you can take your recordings to the next level is by working to improve your singing voice. While you might not have the time or money to pursue professional voice lessons, there are many small steps you can take to make your voice even better! Continue reading How to Improve Your Singing

How to Get Your Music Heard

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As an aspiring musician, your career depends on a variety of factors including your fans, your branding and the music itself. Many artists struggle with getting the right people and influencers to not just follow them on Instagram, but actually listen to their music. If you’re struggling to get your music heard, here is what you need to know. Continue reading How to Get Your Music Heard

How to Maximize Your Studio Time

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When you’re finally ready to start recording tracks, and you book studio time, it’s easy to think you’ll have plenty of time to get everything done. However, once you’re in the booth, time starts to slip right out of the window. In order to maximize your studio time, you need to come in prepared and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page.

Be Ready to Record

You should be 100% prepared to lay down whatever tracks you want to record. As part of this, every part of the track should be finalized. What is the bassist playing? What is the guitar part? Do the people singing harmony know what melody you’re singing? You should not plan to rehearse and record on the fly. Instead, you should enter the studio with everything finalized and ready to record.

Be Realistic

If all of your songs are 5 minutes and you’re recording 10 of them, 60 minutes will be enough studio time, right? No way! You should always set realistic goals for your studio time. Choose a track or two at a time for each day. Many bands and artists think that recording songs is easier than it is, so you should frame your expectations realistically and with help from the studio. A single, 3-minute song could take hours to record.

Prepare Your Instruments

Every instrument that you are going to use, including your voice, should be in the best possible shape before you start the recording session. If you need to change your guitar strings, do it a week or two before the studio time so that they stay in tune. You should complete any vocal warm-ups before you enter the studio as well.

Designate a Time Manager

Staying on top of time limits is critical once the studio door shuts. While your sound engineer can help you manage time, you should also have a designated band member who will keep track of how much time has passed and how much is left. Wasting time re-recording the same lines over and over again is easy. Work together to stay on track so that you get the most out of your studio time.

Work with the Professionals at ECHE Music

At ECHE Music, we are dedicated to helping independent Christian recording artists build their fanbase, promote their music effectively and learn the business of music. To join our community, please visit our website.

Do You Need a Music Mentor?

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Whether you’re an amateur musician looking to play at more weddings or a touring band wanting to take things to the next level, a music mentor is critical to your success. Mentors are invaluable and can help you identify and achieve your goals faster than you could on your own. What are music mentors, and how can you find one for yourself?

What Can a Music Mentor Be?

Music mentors come in a variety of forms, but the two most common are:

  • Teachers, experts or professionals who you pay to offer you expertise. If you have the budget, the lessons you learn from a professional who knows a great deal about the music industry are valuable. This is an especially good choice if you play an instrument or sing and want to hone your chops while learning more about music.
  • Friends who you have a mutually-beneficial relationship with. If you don’t have money to spare, partnering with a friend or acquaintance who has skills that you want to have can be a great way to learn more. Make sure that you also have something to offer in return, since you won’t be paying.

What Do Music Mentors Have to Offer You?

  • Many of the biggest musicians today had music mentors who could help them refine their sound and introduce them to other music they wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. So much of being a musician is getting inspiration from musicians of the past. A mentor can help you in doing this!
  • If you use a teacher to help you improve your sound and gain more traction in the music industry, they can help make sure you are learning in the most efficient and logical way possible. After all, you need to learn how to walk before you can sprint. Learning the more technical side of playing your instrument or using your voice is valuable, and can last for long after your band has moved on to other things.
  • Music mentors also give you access to a much larger network of industry professionals. From other professionals in your neighborhood to recording studio owners across the country, your mentor can help you get to know the people that you want to know.

Work with the Professionals at ECHE Music to Find Your Music Mentor

At ECHE Music, we are dedicated to helping independent Christian recording artists build their fanbase, promote their music effectively and learn the business of music. To join our community, please visit our website.

Should I Try to License My Music?

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The decision to license your music is a big one, and you shouldn’t rush into things with the hope of making a quick buck and enjoying a monthly payday from licensing your music. What do you need to know before licensing? How can you turn licensing into a money-maker for you? Continue reading Should I Try to License My Music?

How to Find Music Gigs That Pay

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Making money as a musician is difficult, but many amateur musicians don’t realize that paying music gigs aren’t just for headliners! Whether you’re getting started in your music career or trying to take things to the next level, here is what you need to know about finding music gigs that pay (in something other than coffee!).  Continue reading How to Find Music Gigs That Pay