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Should I Try to License My Music?

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The decision to license your music is a big one, and you shouldn’t rush into things with the hope of making a quick buck and enjoying a monthly payday from licensing your music. What do you need to know before licensing? How can you turn licensing into a money-maker for you? Continue reading Should I Try to License My Music?

Hit the Road: Planning Mini Tours

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While booking a national, sold-out tour of stadiums might be your eventual goal, everyone has to start somewhere! Planning a mini tour is a great way to dip your feet into the world of touring, meet more of your fans and make some money. If you are ready to hit the road on a series of mini tours, here’s what you need to know to get started. Continue reading Hit the Road: Planning Mini Tours

How to Use Facebook Live to Build Your Fan Base

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Facebook Live is one of the newest and most popular tools for budding musicians and anyone looking to connect with fans online. Like any livestreaming service, including Periscope, it offers people anywhere in the world the ability to watch you and comment as they view. Unlike other streaming services, it integrates with the Facebook platform so that your fans and followers can get notifications whenever you go live. Continue reading How to Use Facebook Live to Build Your Fan Base

How to Find Your Audience

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At ECHE Music, we work with many young artists to promote their music. However, even the most talented musicians can find themselves getting nowhere if they are targeting the wrong audience. The right audience will take your career to the next level, while the wrong one might make you give up altogether. Continue reading How to Find Your Audience

Using Video to Build Your Fanbase

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Video marketing is one of the best tools for building a fanbase that is engaged and enthusiastic. What types of videos can you make, and how can video help you to build your fanbase?

The Importance of Video for Artists

If you are an artist that isn’t using video yet, you are missing out every day! Video is one of the most powerful ways to get your music, your personality and your style out into the world. On paper, many artists seem similar. However, video can give you a chance to share your true personality and voice with your fans. It helps to make you different from other artists who play similar instruments or styles of music. Even more importantly, video helps you to connect directly with your fans and build a strong and loyal fanbase. Continue reading Using Video to Build Your Fanbase

Building a Better Band Newsletter

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Whether you’re just starting out and struggling to email your fans or an experienced band finally starting a newsletter, building a great band newsletter is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your fans and attract new ones. Today, we’re exploring the simple ways you can build a better band newsletter.
Continue reading Building a Better Band Newsletter