Hello World!

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Welcome again to the ECHE Blog.  I’m Simone and I’m a programmer by profession. As a programmer, the first output from a new program is usually “Hello World!” So here it is!

I’ve been using the “Bible in a Year” podcast and lately the reading includes passages from Jeremiah. If you’ve never read Jeremiah, let me tell you it can be a depressing book. God instructs Jeremiah to tell the people that because they’ve rejected Him, the land will be ravaged and pillaged by the Babylonians. Many of them will be killed. Others will be carried as captives to Babylon. Families will be separated. Battles will be lost. On and on. Continue reading Hello World!

Future of Music Coalition Summit 2013 Day 1: Recap

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Stuff I didn’t know:

  • This may seem obvious, but I didn’t realize how bad the music industry is for artists. Check out the stats below. Has anyone ever said to you “Forget music and get a REAL job!” Well if you look at the stats, you can see why they say that. Artists are not making money in the music business. Especially independent artists. Times are hard and it’s not about the recession or the government shutdown. It’s because of the new business models and digital methods of distribution. It’s not that there’s no money in music because there is. Look at Apple. “Apple generated $4.3 billion in revenues from iTunes music downloads last year,” Spotify made about $500 million last year and Pandora brought in over $500 million in subscriptions and advertising.
  • I thought artists made most of their money on the road by touring, but the fact is that most artists lose money on the road.

Continue reading Future of Music Coalition Summit 2013 Day 1: Recap

Biz Booster Tip #8

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Question: Where do I find a manager?

Are you ready to be managed?

Being managed is sharing your goals with someone who can help you maintain a career overview, “the big picture,” and works towards helping you achieve those goals. Continue reading Biz Booster Tip #8

Biz Booster Tip #7

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What is the best way to attract a booking agent?

The best methods of attracting an agent are to perform as much as possible and showcase at conferences where agents are likely to be selling the acts on their current roster.

Remember to invite any industry professionals to gigs you have lined up, especially in industry heavy cities like, NY, LA, Nashville, London, TorontoContinue reading Biz Booster Tip #7

Biz Booster Tip #6

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When should I get a booking agent?

You might be ready to work with a booking agent if most or all of the following factors are happening in your career: Continue reading Biz Booster Tip #6

Biz Booster Tip #5

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How do you know if you are setting your fees appropriately?

Your fees are in direct relation to your market value. Ask yourself:

Have you played the market before?

Have you kept a record of all your ticket and merchandise sales for each gig?

Do you have a following in the market?

Have you created a working budget for your tours?

All these factors help determine how much to ask when negotiating. Continue reading Biz Booster Tip #5