Building A Stronger Fan Base For Your Band

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Growing your fan base is no easy task, especially if you are an introvert or still self-conscious about sharing your music with the world. While being yourself always helps with winning fans, there are many other ways to get your fan count up and start selling out your shows.

Quick Tips for Winning Fans

Many musicians say that you need 1,000 true, dedicated fans to make a music career sustainable. But how do you get to 1,000?

  • Know what your brand is. Not sure what defines your brand? Everything you do! The way that you present yourself online, the way you present yourself in person and the way that you interact with your fans all work to define your brand.
  • Practice engaging your fans using a variety of methods. What cover songs do they want to hear you play? Are many of them located in another part of the country where you should consider touring? Don’t be afraid to ask your fans for feedback about what they want.
  • Be consistent with your fan communications and newsletters.
  • When posting on Instagram and other social media platforms, ensure you are always using multiple popular hashtags. You should also create a hashtag just for your band so that fans can quickly tag you in posts.
  • Put your music on music discovery sites like SoundCloud, NoiseTrade and Hype Machine.
  • Make sure that your songs are available on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. Consider making playlists with songs from other artists and your songs woven in. By creating mood playlists (Saturday Night Studying, Monday Morning Hustle, etc.), you will attract new fans who don’t know about your music yet and can hear it for the first time.
  • Make yourself available to play private events. That way, if your true fans have a birthday party or event they would love to have you at, they know you’re available (and you get a really cool story to share with the rest of your fans)!

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